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Bed Bugs

Common Name Scientific Name TESTIMONIAL
"Thank you. We seem to be rid of the bed bugs
and the roaches also. HH - California
Bed Bug Cimex lectularius
Tropical Bed Bug Cimex hemipterus

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Bed bugs have invaded homes even five-star hotels with a vengeance and at lightning speed. These grisly little nocturnal bugs only come out at night searching for a blood meal. Their residence is our beds and bedrooms.

The mature bedbug is a brown-to mahogany-colored, wingless insect. Its size depends on how recently it has eaten a blood meal. An unfed bed bug is between 1/4 and 3/8 inches long. The upper surface of its body has a papery, crinkly, flimsy appearance. When engorged with blood, its body becomes elongated and swollen, and its color changes from brown to dull red. The color, size, and shape change from an unfed to a full bug is remarkable.Bedbug eggs are white and about 1/3-inch long. Under favorable conditions the female bedbug lays about 200 eggs at the rate of 3 or 4 per day.

These creepy crawling night stalkers feast and feed by sucking human blood. They pierce the skin with their elongated beak -like a hypodermic needle. Bed bugs inject their victims with their saliva, which contains a numbing agent, like Novocain. They drink until they become engorged with a person's blood - crawling away satisfied - until the next night.

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius Linnaeus): They "glue" their eggs in the hiding places. The nymphs hatch in about ten days and moult five times, taking a blood meal between each moult. The life cycle from egg to adult varies between 36 and 120 days. This life span depends on conditions as nymphs can survive long periods of starvation - up to a year!                                                                                                                                           

Tips for Bed Bug Removal in the Home

  • They cannot crawl up smooth surfaces. Remove bed-skirt if you have one. Coat legs of the bed with a light coating of Vaseline or cooking oil - or place legs of the bed in glass or plastic containers.
  • IRON with hot steam Iron over your mattress - especially the edges! Or a hair dryer will do.
  •  Misting over your mattress with Kleen Green Enzyme cleaner along edges - Then wrap the mattress in plastic or for best results purchase a sealed mattress protector.
  • Use Sodium Bicarbonate dusted over carpets and fabric furniture as protection, shake over and vac up next day. The powder gets into their breathing pipes and slowly kills insects.
  • Before going to bed use, Kleen Green natural enzymes solution on your skin do not wash off leave to dry naturally.
  • Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover 100% Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement.
  • Protect100% mattress protection from Bed Bugs for a healthy, allergy-free sleep zone. BugLock™ three-sided zipper and AllerZip® seal gives you total protection against dust mites, allergens and bed bugs. AllerZip® mattress encasement is completely Bed Bug & dust mite proof. Don't forget your pillows and duvet they too can have mites and bed bugs living in them.

    Use Cedarcide Original in a fogger machine or sprayer to kill bedbugs. Fogging is often the best option when facing serious bed bug pest control issues.
    Cedarcide Original formula you will need to use 1.5ltrs of Cedarcide Original when fogging. 
    Note - Natural Enzymes UK. DO NOT supply- you can buy fogging machines from tel phone 01843223000. Or A spray backpack can be found on Amazon or Ebay.

  • Wash and HOT tumble dry bedding and towels - daily if necessary.
  • Use a small amount (dilute 30ml ) of Kleen Green concentrate mixed solution in a steam vac for superior cleaning.
  • Your own Persistence in spraying daily may be necessary for several days.
  • Use vacuum attachments to clean cracks and crevices. Caulk or seal these openings permanently.
  • Inspect dresser drawers - use vacuum pack bags to protect clothing if necessary.
  • Use your hairdryer on high hot heat to 'blow out' tight areas such as ornate wood headboards along the edge of your mattress and in draw corners.
  • TIP: Plumbing or radiator type heaters with piping in the floor is an entrance into your apartment from another apartment for bedbugs. Secure any space around plumbing or heating elements with caulking, aluminium foil or steel wool to prevent these travellers coming into your home. Remember bedbugs can travel from your neighbour to your apartment and back again.
  • How To Identify Bed bug Bites On Pets
    Bites on dogs and cats will look much like bites on people, and the pet owner may actually suspect a mosquito or flea bit the pet. As with people, bed bugs do not stay on pets but return to a protected harborage site after feeding. In addition to bites, the presence of the bug’s faeces, cast skins and the animal’s irritation at night are also indicators of bed bugs biting pets. Therefore, one of the best things to do is to inspect the pet’s bedding and frequently groom the animal while being vigilant for the telltale signs of bed bug presence.

  • This product is not intended to diagnose treat or cure in a specific time scale.
    It provides a natural method of relief for many itching skin conditions while offering protection and prevention of pest infestation when used continuously in a daily cleaning and hygiene routine.

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