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250ml of 14ppm Premium Quality Silver Tec Colloidal Silver Spray For Pets

£ 13.50 each

Best quality colloidal silver freshly made daily from Colloidal Silver in the UK, one of the UKs longest established specialist colloidal silver manufacturers. We have been making colloidal silver since 2002. Contains steam distilled water, ionic silver and particulate silver. No additives.

  • Description

    Colloidal Silver Liquid can be taken orally using a plastic spoon or sprayed into eyes, up stuffy noses or down sore or tickly throats. Colloidal Silver Liquid can also be taken in a nebuliser, can be sprayed on the skin or used as an effective mouthwash.

    (Metal spoons may affect the usefulness of this product)

    You can use Colloidal Silver Gel to assist with cleansing, soothing and calming the skin i.e insect bites, hives, sunspots, burns, sunburn, cuts and scratches, surgery wounds, chilblains and much, much more even safe for your pets too.

  • Dosage

    Adult Dosage, Maintenance Dose  10mls twice a day (morning and night) EYES – 2 drops repeated 4x/day EARS – 10 drops in ear, hold for 5 minutes, release. Repeat 4x/day NOSE – 5 to 10 squirts per nostril, while inhaling. Repeat 4x/day SORE THROAT – Gargle 1 tablespoon lightly for 3 minutes (or spray throat 15 mins with in the hour) while lying on your back, then swallow. Repeat 4x/day

    Suffering from a specific complaint

    20mls four times a day for two days, then 20mls twice a day for two days, then revert back to maintenance dose.

    Dosage for Children 2 – 10 years

    Maintenance Dose -5mls twice a day (morning and night)

    Suffering from a specific complaint:

    5mls four times a day for two days then 5mls three times a day for two days then revert back to maintenance dose.

    Dosage for Babies 1 month – 2 years

    Maintenance Dose - Spray Colloidal Silver mist around the area they breathe once each day.

    Dosage for Newborns 0 – 1 month

    For any complaints: spray around the area they breathe up to 3 times each day


    Can be used directly onto your animal’s skin or onto a bandage for cuts and wounds. It can be used on ringworm, cuts, scratches, flaky skin… The list is endless.

  • Other Information

    Colloidal Silver Storage

    Colloidal Silver Products can be degraded or have its strength reduced if stored incorrectly.  Things like extended exposure to sunlight, magnetic fields caused by electrical appliances and metal surfaces and objects can affect the potency of the Colloidal Silver. 

    For this reason we batch make our colloidal silver weekly and supply direct from manufacturer to customer to give the colloidal silver the best opportunity to be at the maximum strength for you the customer.  

    (No claims of medical or scientific validity are being made, and the information presented should be used for informational purposes only)

    Note: Your health care decisions should always be made under the guidance of a healthcare professional

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