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Cedarcide Original For Harvest Mites, Fleas & Tick Control 1000ml

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Deodorize Your Vehicle

Pet+Bedding+Home freshens without synthetic fragrances. Transform your car’s stuffy air by lightly spraying cloth seats and carpeting.
Made from 100% natural Ingredients 10% Cedar Oil 90% Silica Oil

  • Cedarcide Original

    Cedarcide Original (formerly known as Best Yet) is a safe, all natural, non-toxic insecticide made in the USA. Cedarcide Original is a versatile cedar-based solution that is fast and effective on everything from general insect control to major infestations. Cedarcide Original’s quick-drying, non-staining formula makes it great for personal, pet and home use. It’s safe for people and medium to large pets of all ages, and can be applied directly to the skin as a repellent. Cedarcide Original kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, chiggers, ants, flies, moths and more.

    Made from 100% natural ingredients


    Safe for children and medium to large pets caution - not to be used around Bee hives.

    Kills insects in all stages of life


    Fresh cedar aroma

    Non-staining and skin safe

    Both lab and real world tested

    Free from SLS and Parabens

  • Other Information

    How Mites Choose a Host and Why They Chose You. Frequently Asked Questions

    Having a family member or friend with parasitic mites can be confusing. The affected person claims to be infested, yet the mites are not visible and there are often no physical signs. Here are some questions and answers that may help.

    Bird mites are notoriously hard to catch. They are the size of the point of a pin, translucent, and quick moving. The glue traps used for mites don’t have pheromones, like moth traps do, so they don’t attract mites. Mites respond strongly to pheromones, so it would be a big improvement if mite traps were baited with pheromones.

    Researchers working with scavenger face mites (which we all have) developed a way of capturing mite DNA from human skin using strong glue. Then they sequence the DNA to find the species. If this method starts being used for parasitic mites, it will become easier to help people with bird mites.

    If my family member has mites, why are there no bite marks?

    When a mite ingests living blood, the blood mounts an immune response from inside the mite’s gut. When any parasite ingests blood, it leaves behind proteins in the host. Mites have evolved to leave behind a protein that suppresses the immune system of the host, so the mite won’t be attacked by its food. One effect of immunosuppression is that bite marks are less pronounced (or nonexistent) when a host has been bitten by mites for months.

    If one family member has mites, why don’t other people in the family have them?

    Agricultural bulletins advise farmers who think their flock may have mites to take several chickens to the veterinarian. This is because there is a big variation in the level of infestation of different individuals. The tendency to choose just one chicken is adaptive for mites, who cluster on one bird in a flock and bleed it to the point where it is a stationary meal.

    There is no reason mites infesting a human family would behave differently than they do when they choose a favorite chicken.

    My doctor/pesticide professional says chicken mites don’t bite people, and/or can’t reproduce on human blood. Is that true?

    An article published in a 1958 science journal documented finding human blood cells in mite intestines. The only way those cells got there is for “bird mites” to feed on human blood. It is surprising that misinformation about mites has persisted for decades. Leading mite experts acknowledge that what we call “bird mites” can reproduce when they feed on human blood. These mites can adapt to a variety of species. Our house has already been treated for mites. Why does my family member still claim to get bitten? Farmers know how hard it is to get rid of mites in a chicken coop. Sometimes the only way is to burn it to the ground, and then treat the dirt where the coop stood. Treatment isn’t easy in a human home, either. Mites rapidly evolve resistance to pesticides. In addition, mites can hide inside books, wood paneling, etc., during pest treatment. Pest control professionals realize there is no test to prove that a building no longer has mites. As a result, a pest control company typically will refuse to represent in writing that the mites in a treated building are gone. The most accurate way to check the effectiveness of pest control efforts is to treat a home and then see if a susceptible person is still bitten. How do you get rid of mites and how long does it take? The key to getting rid of mites is to kill them faster than they can reproduce. And because the host and the environment are co-infested, both must be addressed at the same time. Killing mites involves: Frequent and thorough cleaning of the body and the dwelling

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  • Your Safety is Important to Us!

    Do not use this product near birds, small animals or benfical insects such as bees or near a bee hive.

    Cedar Products 100% organic and approved by NOP and other certification agencies.The product line has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label. As with any pesticide, chemical or natural, our topical formulas should not be ingested by humans or animals.

    Direct eye contact should be avoided A mask should be worn when using ANY type of fogging solution for pest control purposes, including organic fog solutions Prior to fogging, humans and animals should be removed from the home, pilot lights should be turned off and smoke alarms should be disabled. Occupants may return in 4 to 5 hours. Do not spray cedar oil (or any other type of pesticide) into flames or electrical outlets.

    Should our customers, affiliates or retailers use our products or advise others to use our products without reading instructions, Cedar Oil Solutions will not be held responsible for medical consequences or property damage. Cats treated with cedar oil for fleas should wear Elizabethan cones to prevent them from licking and grooming their fur during treatment. E-cones are widely available at pet stores to prevent cats from licking wounds and surgical incisions. In rare cases, ingestion of this product may cause lethargy or vomiting in cats. The same is true of ANY flea product or shampoo, be it chemical or natural.

    Is Cedarcide Original safe for Birds?

    Answer: No! We love animals here at Natural Enzymes. And not just common pets like dogs, cats and horses—we love them all. In fact, protecting animals and the environment from the toxic effects of traditional pesticides is a big part of what inspires us to do what we do.

    Because many of our customers are bird owners or use our products for agricultural reasons, we’re sometimes asked,

    “Is cedar oil toxic to birds?”

    The answer is yes—but it’s a little complicated. While we have customers who use our products to treat outdoor chicken coops and cages, our products are not formulated for birds, and therefore we suggest you do not use them on or for birds. When applied directly or otherwise used incorrectly, cedar oil can be toxic, even deadly to birds.

  • Ingredients Cedar Oil 10% and hydrated Silica 90%.

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