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KG Bird Spray 250ml for the Removal of Mites & Lice on Hens, Pigeons, Parrots & all indoor Birds

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  • KG Bird Spray

    KG Bird Spray is chemical and pesticide free, dual purpose all-in-one product. It has the power to effectively rid your bird of bird mites, red mites, deplumming mite, northen fowl mite, scaly leg mites, fleas, lice and parasites naturally! It also has the ability to eliminate odours. Can be safely used on the bird, their bedding and surrounding grounds without the need to move your birds. KG Bird Spray is our revolutionary chemical free and pesticide free formula. KG Bird Spray is non-toxic, chemical-free, biodegradable, all-organic, hypoallergenic and easy to use with no removal of the birds needed. KG Bird Spray penetrates and emulsifies all types of organic insect matter on all surfaces. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to harsh pesticides and chemicals and is highly effective for clearing all surfaces of bird mites, fleas, lice and odours. As a pest control product, KG Bird Spray works better, quicker and safer than dangerous, synthetic pesticide poisons. KG Bird Spray can be safely used on the bird, their bedding and surrounding grounds. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressed and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best; increase egg production and gain body weight. The elimination of parasites and insects will help decrease mortality rates in young birds increasing egg production, increasing body weight and taking away stress.

  • Ingredients A specially formulated broad-spectrum of natural enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, and lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA food, plant and fruit grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA generally regarded as safe) List Parts 184 and 186. A readily biodegradable blend of select surfactants chosen for their emulsification attributes and relatively low order of aquatic toxicity. Active ingredients: Citric Acid -0.0063%,Yeast-1.18%,Potassium sorbate-0.0037%, Filtered Water-98.81%. Hypoallergenic, Non-flammable , Non-Carcinogenic, Ecologically Safe. Leaves no harmful residue or smell safe around food prep surfaces. Children and pet safe. Storage, keep out of direct sunlight.shelf life 2 years. This product is not a pesticide The results are based on your own commitment and may vary for each individual bird ad size and specific needs, results are not guaranteed, regular use is required for best results.

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