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Cedar Elite Organic Horse Treatment - Flies & Insect Control

£ 13.95 each -

  • WILD STALLION CEDAR-ELITE organic Fly & Insect treatment kills the insects on contact and dehydrates the eggs. Yet is non-toxic and safe enough it can be used on new born colts, ponies and nursing mothers. This unique formulation prohibits solution migration into the blood-stream and subsequently unlike spot drop products. Cedar Elite has zero effect on the animals nervous system.

  • 20% Cedar Oil, 80% Silca

  • Ready to use formulation for Horses and Livestock. This solution is a contact killer and Repellent. Apply a mist or spray directly on Horses or Livestock as a repellent for flies or biting insects. The response triggers closure to the breathing pores. Use as often as necessary spray a liberal amount including feet, legs, pits, groin, belly, neck, tail and rectum area. Cedar Oil a natural anti-bacterial product and will promote healing of flea dermatitis and dry flaky skin. Great for hot spots, mange, borrowing mange mites along with other skin issues. Repeated applications 3 times a day will stimulate hair growth. An application into the ear canal kills Ear Mites and Chronic Fungal Organisms.