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X-Thrush Hoof Remedy

£ 12.95 each -

  • X-Thrush neutralizes and kills bacteria and fungi that causes Thrush. Does not stain. Does not sting, also will not dry out the hoof. Promotes healthy tissue growth. Contains only natural ingredients.

    Let’s hope your horse never gets it but, if your horse ever does develop thrush, you'll certainly find the odor un-bearable. Horse thrush is caused by anaerobic bacteria, when trapped in moisture it can create a fungal infection. Thrush can create some mild discomfort, but as long as it is addressed quickly it rarely does anything more. Left un-noticed for a period of time, thrush can make its way into the sensitive areas of the frog, often creating some bleeding. A hoof that is affected with thrush will exhibit soreness, black pus as well as a scent that can send a grown man crying.

  • 10% Cedar Oil, 90% Silica

  • If you detect your horse has thrush nature’s defender X-thrush will bring quick relief to the infected area. If thrush does manage to affect your horse, don't worry – treating it is fairly simple. Natures DeFender X-Thrush is a highly-effective treatment for hoof thrush that kills bacteria and fungi, neutralizing the foul odor associated with thrush infection.