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Ordering Questions

Where is my order, I haven't received it?

If you have not received your order within 7 working days (no delivery at weekends), please contact us as soon as is possible.
Email us with your name and order ref. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check to see if you have received a card with collection instructions and be sure to ask other household members before assuming no card was left.
International orders, please contact us within 14 working days of not receiving your parcel.
If you are contacting via Email please allow 24 hours for us to reply.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Next day delivery is only available on our working days which are Monday to Friday - not at the weekend and, is an extra cost of £12.
1st Class delivery is not  guaranteed by Royal Mail so please note it is estimated 1 to 2 days.
UK First Class Postage (1-2 Business Days. Orders placed before midday are shipped same day. Orders placed after midday on a Friday Not shipped until Monday. See T & C's)

How will my order be sent?

Your parcel will be sent via Royal Mail or Parcel Force.
These are the only postal carriers that will deliver our products (that contain liquids) in parcels to you.

How is the carriage cost calculated?

Your parcel postage cost is based on the weight of your order.
If below 1700kg in weight, it will go via Royal Mail. If you're not at home, a card will be left and your parcel will be taken to your local sorting office or Post Office depending on where you are located in the UK. You will have to collect it yourself if it is left at a sorting office or Post Office.
If your order is over 1700kg in weight, your order will go via Parcel Force. This is a signed for delivery and cannot be left in a safe place, but, if you specify a named neighbour and house number, it will be left with them and their signature will be required.
If you're not at home with no nominated neighbour, the carrier will leave a card and attempt to deliver the parcel again the following day.
If you do not collect from the Post Office, it will be returned to us after 28 days.
We will not send it out again to you unless you pay the postage for it to be resent.

When will my order be dispatched?

Orders made before 11am will be sent out the same day if stock is available.
Contact us via email at any time but please allow 24 hours for a reply. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders taken after Friday 11am will not be sent out until Monday (or a Tuesday if following a Bank Holiday Monday).
Even if you pay next day postage charge on a Friday, it cannot be sent out until Monday.

Our address for returned orders is:

Natural Enzymes
Unit D Wallows Ind. Est.
Fens Pool Ave.
Brierley Hill
West Midlands

Trade Counter open for collections and returns 8am to 12am Monday to Friday only.

Humans FAQs

Which Cedar product do I use on myself?

We offer two naturally sourced repellents for personal use: Cedarcide Original, and its extra strength counterpart, Tickshield. (Tickshield is recommended for hikers, campers and other outdoor people in need of added protection).

How can I tell what type of mite is infesting me?

Formal identification of the organism infesting your home or skin can only be obtained from a degreed professional with a microscope. However, certain environmental factors can provide clues as to what kind of mite you may be dealing with. If you’ve found abandoned bird nests in your attic or gutters, bird mites may be the culprit. If you’ve recently dealt with a rodent infestation, rodent mites will be your prime suspects. If you have pets, mange mites could be the enemy. If you feel sensations of being swarmed by several micro tiny creatures at one time, springtails or straw itch mites could be the enemy. This list of generalisations is not meant to serve as a guide for medical diagnosis. The idea that springtails can bite or infect humans is still disputed by most doctors, but there is compelling evidence to support claims that springtails are the culprit behind mysterious itching and crawling sensations in mould infested homes. Pest control professionals agree that springtails are quite capable of infesting homes by the millions. The only dispute lies in their ability to bite or infest skin The collembola an infestation is debatable and no firm conclusion has been proven either way but those people who can feel the swarming, pin pricking with crawling sensations would agree it is possible.

Harvest mite larvae are only active during the day; you can reduce the risk of harvest mite larvae by modifying your pet’s routine. Consider going for walks early in the morning or after dusk. If possible, avoid long grasses and vegetation, and keep moving – the worst infestations tend to happen when pets are sitting or lying down in a sunny spot in the middle of the day.

I think I am being bitten by bedbugs? How can I kill them which products should I use?

You should be able to see bedbugs around the seams of your mattress or your armchair. Don't be mislead by the name bedbugs as they can be hiding anywhere in your home.

Once they're in your home, they are incredibly difficult to get rid off. The common bed bug (Cimex Lectularius Linnaeus) 'glue' their eggs in the hiding places such as skirting boards, books, wardrobes, ceiling, rugs, carpets and bathrooms. The nymphs hatch in about ten days and moult five times, taking a blood meal between each moult. The life cycle from egg to adult varies between 36 and 120 days. This lifespan depends on conditions as nymphs can survive long periods of starvation (up to a year!).
Bites from bedbugs show in clusters mainly on the arms and legs or back.

Bedbugs sense carbon monoxide concentrations, which is what lets them find you while you’re sleeping. They follow the trail right to your bed and feast on your blood, then go straight back into their hiding place. Because these pests are actively hunting you and your family, you can’t just ignore their presence - you’ll need to get rid of them and as soon as possible. 

Pets & Animals FAQs

Which Cedar product do I use for my pet?

Cedarcide Original is our most popular product for protecting pets from pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
Caution - Cedar products are NOT to be used on birds or reptiles. Always do a test area on cats first to be sure they do not lick it off.
Never spray the product in the face of your pet.

How do I use Cedarcide Original on my cat?

As with most individuals, your cat may have no issue with Cedarcide Original, but be aware not to spray in the face and only apply the formula by lightly misting your hands and massaging the spray into their coat. Be sure to apply Cedarcide Original all over - including armpits, in between toes, and around the ears and tail. Because cats like to lick their fur and because they’re extremely sensitive to scents, it’s best to test for possible sensitivity with a light initial application. While Cedarcide Original is non-toxic, on rare occasions, smaller cats and kittens have found the natural cedar scent of Cedarcide Original too strong for their liking.
Always do a test area to begin with.

Is Cedarcide Original safe for Birds?

No. We love animals here at Natural Enzymes. And not just common pets like dogs, cats and horses—we love them all. In fact, protecting animals and the environment from the toxic effects of traditional pesticides is a big part of what inspires us to do what we do.

Because many of our customers are bird owners or use our products for agricultural reasons, we’re sometimes asked, “Is cedar oil toxic to birds?”
The answer is yes - but it’s a little complicated. While we have customers who use our products to treat outdoor chicken coops and cages, our products are not formulated for birds, and therefore we suggest you do not use them on, or for birds. When applied directly or otherwise used incorrectly, cedar oil can be toxic, even deadly to birds.

How often can I spray my pet with Cedarcide Original pet safe spray?

You can use Cedarcide Original on your dogs every day. We recommend applying just before going outdoors. As long as you can smell the cedar on your pups, the formula is working to kill and repel fleas and ticks. Just be careful not to soak your pets - a light mist is sufficient.

Is it still safe to use the Cedarcide oil spray on my pet when the skin is raw or open?

We do not recommend using our products on raw or broken skin. It's best to wait until the skin has healed before applying our topical solutions.

Can I use KG Pet Spray on my kitten?

Yes, from 6 weeks old. Use as a lotion or a mist spray with daily grooming.
This product will not eliminate fleas from your home.

How to use KG Wash and go shampoo to remove fleas from your pet:

Suggested Dilution: 1 oz of KG Wash & Go Shampoo to 7 oz of water.

Bathing for fleas & ticks:
Stand your pet in a large container or tub. Wet hair around the neck and hindquarters first to prevent fleas travelling to those favourite hiding places. Then soak the remainder of your pet's coat. Using a brush or your hands, gently massage KG Wash & Go Shampoo over the entire body of your pet and leave on for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse and towel dry completely.  Take care to avoid eyes. Repeat, if necessary.
Spray or bathe pets with diluted KG Wash & Go and add 30ml to the washload of bedding weekly using KG Wash & Go.
Use a flea comb on your pet regularly. Dip the comb in a diluted KG Wash & Go solution.
Routinely monitor flea population levels and keep a log of your observations.
Restrict your pet's access inside your home. Do NOT allow your pet to sleep on your bed or upstairs.
Note: KG Wash & Go is safe to use on puppies and kittens.


Suggested Dilution: 1oz of KG Concentrate Solution to 7oz of water.

Carpet is the perfect flea environment! Steam clean or vacuum thoroughly every day for two weeks if you suspect flea infestation. This will remove dried blood, carpet fibres, debris, diluted excrement, flea larva and their silk, eggs, pupal cocoons, adults, faeces and other food sources.
Spray KG Wash & Go on and around carpets, rugs, baseboards and floors or use in a carpet cleaner machine.
KG Wash & Go is safe to spray on furniture if needed. *As with all cleaners, test KG Wash & Go on an inconspicuous spot for colourfastness. Rinsing or wiping with clean water may be necessary if a heavy application is used.
Use vacuum attachments to clean cracks and crevices. Caulk or seal these openings permanently.

Could I purchase your products for Alpacas with mites?

You need to know what type of mite you're dealing with.

A Harvest Mite or other name being 'chigger' or 'red bug' is an immature stage (larvae) of the harvest mite. Like all mites, the harvest mite life cycle includes larva, nymph, and adult. In the last two stages, this mite feeds on plant materials. The stage that gets the attention of humans is the larvae stage. This is the stage that is considered to be a pest, causing an intense itching on mammals. NOTE: Unlike ticks, harvest mites/chiggers/red mites do not feed on our blood. Harvest mite larvae saliva will at first harden the walls of the hole made by its mouthpart. This hardening gives the larvae a 'straw' to use for feeding and prevents our body from closing off the hole made by this pest. Once the harvest mite larvae have made their hole, they can now feed. Their saliva will actually liquefy our (mammals) skin cells which the bug now uses for food.

Preventing harvest mites:
Because harvest mite larvae are only active during the day, you can reduce the risk of harvest mites by modifying your pet’s routine. Consider going for walks early in the morning or after dusk. If possible, avoid long grasses and vegetation and keep moving. The worst infestations tend to happen when pets (and people) are sitting or lying down in a sunny spot in the middle of the day!

Only the adult harvest mite lays eggs in the soil.
Elimination of the larvae and eggs in the soil must be done to stop the larvae for the following years to come and any adults laying eggs.


Once you have established which area the harvest mites have infested, you can treat lawns, fence rows and ornamentals with Natures Defender concentrated spray. Use 80ml of concentrate to 920ml of water. 800ml concentrate will dilute to make 10 litres of the spray. A sprayer from Screwfix called a 'Solow' is well worth purchasing to spray yearly. Depending on the ground to cover and, what apparatus you choose to use, allow 1000ml per 93 square metres of land and shrubs. The first application needs to soak the ground and foliage. Repeat within 3 days then, every 3 weeks throughout the season to October. Do not spray in high temperatures as this may be phytoxic and burn plants so use early morning or early evening to achieve the best results.
Natures Defender Concentrate is safe for use in areas where children, pets and wildlife frequent when applied correctly. Keep people and pets off treated areas until dry. It will kill adult harvest mite chiggers larvae, fleas, ticks and other pests found in lawns.
Natures Defender concentrated lawn and garden controls and works through pheromone interruption and also by causing dehydration in insects and their larvae/eggs. Finally, it creates a barrier of re-entry, repelling and/or deterring insects trying to migrate from other areas outside of your garden perimeter back onto your area of control.
Egg-layer cycles are further interrupted by pheromone interference with insects octopamine neuroreceptors, and the next generation of arthropods can thereby be controlled year after year.


CAUTION - DO NOT SPRAY Rhododendrons, Azaleas and other ACIDIC plants.

Could KG Wash & Go Shampoo be used on poultry and is it effective against Red Mite and Black Northern Fowl Mite?

Yes, it is possible to use KG Wash & Go for fowl and mites but it may need to be made 1 x 5 mix for the extra strength needed.
We have a specific Poultry product especially for poultry - KG Poultry Wash for Bird and Coop - a cost-effective spray that will clear Red mite from the coop and surrounding areas and can be used as a dip for birds with Black Northern fowl mites in their feathers.

The concentrated form of Poultry-Zyme is cost-effective when doing many fowl. Poultry Zyme products have extra strength and added enzymes to combat these types of mites.

How can I use the KG Wash & Go Shampoo on my dog who is a long-haired sheepdog? He has hair loss on his back legs and he is scratching all the time. Any info would be appreciated before its a trip to the vets.

The KG natural product made from fruit enzymes will help the areas with loss of hair if you spray or sponge deep into the coat of the dog when it starts itching. It will kill any mites on the surface of the skin and stop the itching. Also, spray morning, noon and night for at least 7 to 14 days for best results. Hair growth may be seen after 2 weeks.
KG Wash & Go Shampoo is not a pesticide. It is non-toxic and safe to use as often as you see your dog itching and, even use on yourself as mites will try to move on to humans too. You can spray the dogs' bedding daily so it doesn't keep being reinfected with mites from its bedding or cross-contamination by yourself.

There is no guarantee of ridding the dog of mites unless you are prepared to spray him down and his bedding or area he lays in, twice or more daily.
From what you describe, it is a bad case of mange and will take intense daily spraying to get the number of the mites down before they get a chance to multiply very fast.
Mites lay eggs below the skin in a membrane. Vets use pesticides but they are beginning not to work as effectively as they once did. A natural method is a slow option but, insects cannot adapt to them as with chemicals.

Products FAQs

What is the shelf life of Kleen Green products?

Kleen Green products if kept very cool and out of direct sunlight will be safe to use for up to 3 years.
Also, Kleen Green is non-flammable.

If I use it on my skin, can the makeup and/or face/body lotion be applied and if so, should it be done before or after using Kleen Green?

Yes, you can use Kleen Green on your skin. Make up a dilution of 1 to 7 parts water or 1 egg cup full to 7 egg cups of warm water and use a cotton face cloth to wipe over the whole of the body and hair, not forgetting the soles of your feet too. Wait until the skin has dried naturally (in about 15 mins or more).
You will receive a 30ml measure pot with the concentrate so use 1 x 30ml pot to 7 x 30ml water (warm if required) to make 240ml. Repeat as needed to add to a bottle to make-up a spray for your daily use.
To take a bath - add 4 x 30ml measures of the pot provided to very warm bath water and stay in for 25 mins. You may need to spray over the body within the hour if any larvae or nymphs were about to change at the time of taking the bath in the enzymes.
DO NOT WASH OFF THE KLEEN GREEN solution. It leaves no odour or greasy residue and will not discolour clothes
You can then apply any lotion, perfume or deodorant that you prefer. For best results, you need to apply Kleen Green at least twice a day or when you feel itching or crawling. You will receive a full information leaflet on how to achieve the best results with the product. You can email us for more advice.

How do I dilute Kleen Green Concentrate?

To dilute Kleen Green Concentrate you will need a jug to measure 100ml of concentrate. Add 700ml of water (warm if prefered) and add to a spray bottle. Or you can use any container, for example, one egg cup to 7 egg cups of water to be used in a spray bottle. A 30ml measure pot is provided with the concentrated Kleen Green.

Can I wash my clothes in Kleen Green Concentrated Enzymes cleaner?

1) For washing your clothes, either use with warm water as a pre-wash dilution (30ml concentrate in the bath) or use the pre-soak cycle on your washing machine and soak your clothes for 1 hour. Carry on and wash your clothes as you would normally.
2) Put 30ml into your washing machine's wash compartment and do your washing.
3) Adding 30ml to the last rinse in the fabric softener compartment is the most simple and easy way to use.
Please be aware, after several washers you may find Kleen Green Enzymes will fade colours. Also Kleen Green will brighten up your whites too. You can also soak bedclothes in a bucket or bath for 1 hour adding 30ml to the water. Note: Insects such as mites, fleas or bug do not want to live on your clothes or fabric, they want to feed on a pet or person. Keep your pet or the infected person's skin clean and sprayed as often as possible to stop insects. Consider using Cedarcide Original as a repellant between spraying the skin and coat.
NOTE: The Kleen Green spray (ready to use) can not be used in the washing machine but you can use the product to spray over each garment before you wear it by misting inside and out while it is hanging on a coat hanger.

Can I take a bath in Kleen Green and if so, how much concentrate should I use?

Yes, taking a bath in Kleen Green it will remove dirt, grime, dead skin cells and insects from the surface of the skin.

Add from 50ml -120ml for a small person or child and 120ml - 200ml for an adult of concentrate only. Depending on the depth of water and time, with 200ml, stay in the bath for 15 to 20 mins. With 50ml stay in the bath 40 minutes. Depth of water should 4" deep. Enzymes keep on working continually but the weaker the solution, the longer it will take to work. Repeat as often as you feel necessary throughout the day. Kleen Green Enzymes work faster in warm water at a temperture of 60 degrees. The enzymes will still work in low temperatures but take longer and you will need to repeat applications of spraying the skin and hair.

Always allow Kleen Green to dry naturally. Do not wash off.

Can I mix other oils, salts and potions with Kleen Green?

No, do not mix Kleen Green with other products with the exception of a few drops of essential oil or Castor Oil.
Note: You can use other products on your skin after 10 minutes when you have used Kleen Green on your body either in the bath, or after you sprayed over the body and hair and, it as dried.

Can I use Kleen Green Concentrate undiluted on my skin.

It is not cost effective to use Kleen Green concentrate undiluted.
If you do use it on the skin, it may cause stinging for a short time and remove dead skin cells too fast, leaving your skin red and dry.
The undiluted Kleen Green can be safely used for dabbing spots, blemishes or difficult areas which the scabies mites infest.

Can I dilute the READY TO USE Kleen Green Spray sizes, 24oz, 64oz, 168oz?

Kleen Green Ready To Use Spray is made to the strength to eradicate dust mites and most other insects while removing dirt and grime too. It is safe to spray on the skin, hair and all around your home as a ready to use spray. NOTE: It is to be used as a daily cleanser to remove dirt or grime. Dilute - for example windows and chrome taps, use one egg cup full the Ready To Use spray. 24oz to 500ml of water. Spray on windows and wipe away.
NOTE: When purchasing Kleen Green spray product -ready to use - you must not dilute -

Can I wash my hair with Kleen Green?

Yes, you can wash your hair with Kleen Green (CONCENTRATE) by damping your hair with water. Use 15ml of concentrate and pour over the hair, rub in, and wash off as normal. Repeat until no more insects survive.
Enzymes may lighten your hair.

How do I remove scabies mites or other body lice, crabs and fleas from my body with Kleen Green as I can't see them?

Apply directly on the affected area with a finger, cotton ball or swab try to keep the solution in contact with the skin until itching stops in that area. Allow Kleen Green™ to dry when applied to the affected area.
Kleen Green Solution diluted 100ml to 700ml.
NOTE: If you have purchased the product -
Kleen Green Ready To Use spray 24oz, 64oz and 168oz, the spray should not be diluted. Use directly from the bottle as a spray.

Repeat this topical application at any time daily to ensure complete coverage, preferably morning, noon, night and before bedtime. Continue using until symptoms no longer persist (usually 1 to 3 weeks). Depending on the degree of infestation, the time scale may be longer.

Kleen Green™ dilution can be applied as often as needed and for as long as you require the product for protection or removal of the mites from deep within the skin.

For best results:
Take a soaking bath, preferably in the late afternoon or early evening, using 120ml to 200ml of Kleen Green™ in a tub of very warm water. Soak approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Do not use soap or other products during this soaking process. Air-dry naturally. After the body is completely dry, apply undiluted Kleen Green™ solution to problem areas by dabbing with a cotton bud or cotton pad. Do not rinse. A soaking bath may be taken daily for as often as needed.

(Cost saving: Use the bathwater twice by adding more hot water the second time. Enzymes do not stop working.)

For external use only.
If contact is made with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean, cool water. Can cause eye irritation for a short period with no ill effects. If skin irritation or infection develops, consult your physician or dermatologist. Keep this and all cleaners out of the reach of children. Note: Scabies mites do not live on the scalp and hair.
(Bird mites, Demodex, rat mites, sheep mites will all colonize the scalp and face.)

When you scratch an infected area and then touch another non-infected area on the body, you can easily transfer scabies to other parts of the body. Note: You can use this cleansing method to remove all types of mites, body lice, pubic crab lice, all types of fleas, or even head lice from your hair, home and body.

How do I remove scabies mites (bed bugs, cat fleas, dust mites) from my home and bedding using Kleen Green, as I can't see them?

Spray a mist or, wipe over with Kleen Green solution on everything you touch personally (like a hairbrush) or sit or sleep on.
Steam Iron all of your clothes before wearing, wash linens towels, undergarments and other clothing in a washing machine with 30ml of Kleen Green. Place stuffed toys in a plastic bag for two days, use vacuum storage bags to store clothes and other objects you need to protect. Toss blankets and bedspreads in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Vacuum thoroughly - daily if necessary. NOTE: This method can be used to remove all types of mites and insects you can not see with the human eye. Also, Kleen Green can be used in a fogging machine, pressure spray equipment, or spray bottle for total house fumigation. NOTE: You are advised to buy a magnifying glass 10x magnification to check your skin for the Scabies mites in the skin.

I have invisible mites in my skin which I cannot see. I use Kleen Green in the bath daily (around 200ml) each time but seems like it's getting worse. I'm wondering if it's because of the bath water temperature. Is it because I'm taking a bath in hot water because of the cold weather? Are there certain temperatures that enzymes work best in?

Dealing with invisible mites in the human skin and other hiding places of the entry of the body such as ears, nose, eyes and private areas (genitals) is difficult to resolve. The Kleen Green Natural Enzymes is not a pesticide or overnight miracle solution to killing insects that you cannot see yourself but it is safe to use as often as you need, to get relief from the itching while breaking down the insects. Being a multi-purpose cleaner, it can be used against insects everyday anywhere in the home, office or holiday accomodation.
NOTE: Top tip - It would be wise to purchase a 10 x magnification glass to confirm for yourself the pest infestation on your skin.

How enzymes work is by breaking down the outer skin of an insect which is made of proteins. An insect has a different skin for each of its cycle's of life from egg to adult. When you spray or take a bath in the enzymes to bring the enzymes in contact with an adult insect, it will cause the skin of the insect to moult and the adult will die. Repeat spraying will get every one of them over the surface of the skin and hair.
NOTE: You may feel a slight stinging on the skin - this is normal and it will pass in a few minutes after you have dried the area off.

IMPORTANT to note: If the insect is about to change its skin, from a nymph to adult, then the enzymes will make this happen faster and you will see and feel that there are more but in reality, they would have hatched or changed over the coming weeks anyway. Kleen Green speeds up the process to stop the life cycle on the next spray that you find you need to do within an hour of bathing if you can feel them on your skin. This is why you are advised in the leaflet to keep spraying consistently, 3 times per day for 6 weeks or more, depending on how infested you are and the volume of eggs laid beneath the skin surface.
You may find mites hiding in the ears, nose and your bottom, where the enzymes cannot reach. Your objective is to stop any becoming adults and laying more eggs. Eventually, the insects will die out as no more eggs will be laid to hatch out into adults and the cycle will be broken and this will clear the insects.
As you don't know where the eggs (or nymphs) are to kill them, it is a guessing game of where they are hiding and your spraying over the body to attempt to get them all.
NOTE: Using Cedar Oil Original as a repellent on the skin between using Kleen Green has given great results.
If you find you are itching within an hour of taking a bath or spraying, this means you have nymphs changing into adults. Spray again and you will kill them instantly.
It is not possible to cover everything and inform you of the particular insect pest of your situation but the rule of thumb is that you will see the numbers drop down as the weeks go by and get back your normal life.
Everything depends on you, and how your personal hygiene routine is to keep spraying or taking a bath to ensure you get those on the skin surface and whole body and hair, while cleaning and spraying around your bedding and home at the same time.
Note: There are parasites which live in the body and come to the surface of the skin to mate such as pinworms. Are you sure that your pest is only on the skin surface?

KLEEN GREEN can be used to kill pet fleas, mites, body lice, crabs, house flies, earwigs, wasps and most other insects. Keep some in the cupboard for use also as a natural fly spray in summer.

Here are a few tips and methods other customers have used to cost save and use the product in an effective way.

1) When you take a bath in the evening, you can leave the water in the bath as the enzymes do not stop working. If, after a short while, you feel the insect(s) again, jump back into the bath - adding more hot water. Note: If the enzymes become weaker by adding water, you must stay in the water longer to obtain the best results but they will keep on working regardless.

Spray the body during the night if you feel anything or, jump in the bath if you feel the need to.

2) Buy a packet of newborn baby wipes for sensitive skin. Add to this packet, the 30ml undiluted Kleen green enzymes. The baby wipes will turn a beige colour. You can use a more concentrated solution if need be, to turn to wipe a dark beige in colour for use while out and about during your day or, in bed at night.
They are good to wipe over your hands to stop you re-infesting yourself as you touch your own skin or others, including your pets. Also, great for wiping over the face and eyes to, or, your personal belongings like your mobile phone.

3) When you make up a spray bottle at night and want the spray to be warm for your skin in the middle of the night, keep the bottle tucked under your bedding. It will be body temperature, just ready when you need to spray yourself.

4) If you have problem areas, such as an itching bottom or private areas of the body, buy round makeup remover cotton pads and put 10 or more in a mug and pour over with the diluted solution to soak into the cotton pad(s) until it or they are the colour beige. You can now place the pad against your bottom area that is itching and leave it there to kill anything that may be coming out of your bottom (or going in).
Note: Great for pinworms or mites that creep into the personal area of the body.

5) To stop the itching in private areas and the soles of the feet:
Buy ladies panty liners and soak the Kleen Green enzymes into the pad then place the pad in your pants to stop an itch in your private areas. If you keep doing this for 7 days, it normally clears the area altogether.
Be aware of reinfesting yourself when touching the areas again with your hands.
If you suffer on the soles of your feet, with bites and itching, use the panty liner in your socks or shoes,. Keeping the Kleen Green in contact with the skin day and night, clears the area very quickly.
You can use kitchen paper towel soaked in Kleen Green to place on your shoulders and neck also, if you find these areas cause you a problem.
NOTE: Keep the Kleen Green in contact with the skin for an hour or so as it will protect and stop reinfestation.
Tip: You can also soak bandages to wrap around legs for a few hours each day.
6) For Ladies with long hair, or those who do not want to spray and wet the whole head with Kleen Green spray, buy a ladies hair colour for colouring the roots of the hair. In the box is a bottle with a nozzle. Wash the bottle out and fill with Kleen Green Enzymes 1 x 5 dilution. You now have a bottle with a nozzle to aim at the point of itching on your scalp without wetting the hair by spraying. This is also a cost-effective way to save on wasted Kleen Green being sprayed all over the hair.
Tip: Wrap the nozzle bottle in a towel, it will keep it warm to use the Kleen Green in the middle of the night.

Email for an in-depth explanation of your personal situation. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

NOTE: The optimum temperature to use Kleen Green Concentrate diluted is 60 degrees (or hand hot) however the enzymes work in cool temperatures also but, take longer to work. Enzymes will keep on working with anything they come into contact with.

Also, Cedar Original is an effective spray that can be used to fumigate your home and spray on your bed and skin.
Take a look on their website for more info.

After using Kleen Green, I have dry skin. Why?

You may see your skin look dry and this is because Kleen Green removes dead skin cells on humans faster than normal. Also, any mite will come to the surface when it is dead.
Use CASTOR OIL to soften your skin. It also has the added effect of stopping the mite as it finds it difficult to move in the thick Castor oil.
Castor Oil Tip: Great for use in the genital area and on soles of the feet when out and about or in bed at night. Use to soak into the hair and wear a shower cap. Add 2 tablespoons of Castor oil to a Kleen Green bath and it will help the skin and slow down the mites for a good night sleep.

Castor Oil has many health benefits and one of them is its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Castor oil can help to kill off skin infections and mite infestation. Works well in the private areas of the body and soles of the feet. It is also good to oil the scalp too.

Will Kleen Green cure me?

This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure in a specific time scale.
It provides a natural method of relief for many itching skin conditions while offering protection and prevention of pest infestation when used continuously in a daily cleaning and hygiene routine.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Guarantees connected to a mite, flea or other pest control products and services are very difficult to find. Pest infestation often becomes a maintenance problem that involves much work and many lifestyle changes. Doctors can’t guarantee permethrin creams - salespeople can’t guarantee natural skin tonics and natural soap manufacturers can’t guarantee their richly scented products will leave you feeling anything more than refreshed. More and more pest control operators are refusing to work in mite-infested homes and the fleas are becoming more resistant to pesticides. Companies that still accept mite jobs are obligated to tell clients that they will probably have to come back and spray multiple times.

The simple, truthful answer to the question is, you have to become your own pest eliminator on a weekly basis.
Natural products work well and are effectively used daily while you find the insect or pest on your body or around your home to spray and kill. The time scale of using chemicals (bleach, ammonia, Permerthem, Ivermictem, Neem oil and smelly oily products) are not acceptable in the normal daily life or socially acceptable to go to work over the 3 months it may take to be sure you are totally clear of mites or other internal parasites that could be the cause.
Kleen Green Enzymes has no smell or grease (as with oil) and can be used on both the body, and around the home - as often as is needed.

Why are enzymes environmentally friendly?

Enzymes are natural existing bio-catalysts that are able to catalyze chemical reactions with high efficiency, high specificity and, under mild, environmentally friendly conditions. This makes enzymes perfectly suited tools for use in eco-friendly and sustainable processes.

Are enzymes in all living things?

Enzymes are proteins made by all living organisms and are found everywhere in nature. They are biologically active proteins that catalyse biochemical reactions in cells.

Are enzymes good for skin?

Certain enzymes are effective exfoliants and can be gentler than other methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin.

What’s the difference between Cedarcide Original, Tickshield Products and Cedar Elite?

These products are naturally sourced insecticides & repellents designed for personal, pet and home use. Tickshield and Cedar Elite is simply an extra-strength version of Cedarcide Original. NOTE: Because it’s a stronger formula, Tickshield should not be used on cats, smaller dogs, or animals under 20 lbs.
Cedar Elite is especially for horses.
Be aware of ticks while outdoors, running, walking. Working prevention is always better than a cure and by using Tickshield, it protects by repelling and will kill Ticks and many other insects too.

Ticks can be as small as a poppyseed or a full stop at the end of a sentence. It is important to do thorough tick checks. Ticks typically hide in warm places and can often be mistaken for a mole, scab, or dirt.

Which product is for indoor use, such as fogging or room spraying?

Cedarcide Original is our naturally sourced pesticide and repellent for indoor use.
The product Dr Ben's Evictor can also be used as a pest elimination spray around the home, car and office.

Can I fog with your products?

Of course! Fogging is often the best option when facing serious pest control issues. We recently improved our Cedarcide Original formula to increase its efficacy, which means it’s now slightly denser. Because of this change, we advise using only a half-gallon of Cedarcide Original when fogging, as opposed to the previous suggestion of just under a gallon. With the increased efficacy and lasting power, you can also expect a little more cleanup compared to the previous formula.
Note: We do not supply fogging machines but they are available from an independent company to us at Telephone: 01843 223000

How many times do I have to fog or spray with Dr Ben’s Evictor or Cedarcide Original products to see and feel that the mites in my home are gone?

It depends upon the type of parasite you’re battling. Every case is different. Certain species of mites can persist longer in the environment than others, and some homes are infested to a much higher degree than others. You will need to figure out how aggressive your pest control measures should be. Start with once a week for two weeks then, wait for three weeks, spray again and so on, until you get results.

How much of the Cedar product for fogging should I buy?

Begin with 1ltr per 9,000 square metres and get enough to treat the home twice in 48 hours. If your home is 1,000 square metres, start your mite agenda with two litres. If your home is 2,000 square metres, start with four litres and by repeating within 48 hours again within a week gives you the best results.
Ask for our special discount price for a 5-litre bottle, sold only on request. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Which Cedar and enzymes products do I use for my garden, lawn or plants?

We offer four naturally sourced pesticides for outdoor use: a ready-to-use formula, Yard Guard and Natures Defender. We also offer Ridaweed, a natural herbicide and Cedarcide Granules (cedar mulch that helps repel pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ants, and mites which can be placed under scrubs).

What product do I use for delicate indoor plants such as Cannabis saliva as non- toxic and pesticide-free spray?

Dr Zymes Eliminator - Spray, or in a Dr Zymes concentrated form, which you dilute with water as and when you need it.

A revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft-bodied insects, moulds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Professional growers use it all year to ensure pest-free, mildew-free plants. Many of them have told us that they realised an increase in yields by not having to combat pests and mildews with toxic or oil-based products and that as a preventative, they did not see any pests or mildews - even up to the day of harvest.

What do I do, I have fleas?

For every flea you find on your animals, there are approximately 30 more waiting in the grass. It only makes sense to kill them at the source. Our organic Yard Guard or Natures Defender Concentrate is absolutely the best natural formula available for the control of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, scorpions and a variety of insects that destroy landscaping and vegetation. We recommend using only non-toxic methods for controlling fleas with fogging (fogging machines indoor) and spraying (outdoor) being our preferred methods of treatment. If you think you might have fleas, you need to act fast before they spread. Usually, treating both inside and outside is required to prevent fleas from migrating from your garden to your home and vice versa. Cedarcide Original or Kleen Green Concentrate natural enzymes is our recommended product for indoor use. It can clean everywhere a flea or larvae can hide as well as using to spray on your pet when you see them itching any time of the day or night. Also, use Yard Guard for outdoor use to spray lawns and patios safely.
Should you have additional questions about combating fleas, email us and we'll be more than glad to help.

How do I use Kleen Green or Cedarcide Original for treating Bedbugs?

Apply a light mist to the entire mattress with either product. Pay particular attention in spraying mattress seams, buttons and tears. Don't forget to treat the bottom of the mattress, box springs and bed frame. The objective is not the quantity of spray used, but rather the proper placement of the products. Spray Kleen Green into cracks, crevices and corners!
NOTE: BE VERY THOROUGH! Inspect and spray along baseboards, window frames, wallpaper edges, heat registers and other mouldings as it may be impossible to penetrate all hiding places immediately and control may not be immediate Bugs may be seen for several days after treatment. Vacuum thoroughly. Check behind pictures, curtains, wall sockets and even closets. By using these products side-by-side gives a double chance of total eradication. ATTENTION: Those living in an APARTMENT or a FLAT - Bed bugs travel from and to your next-door neighbour. Plumbing and heating pipes are like a freeway for a bed bug! Caulk or seal any space around plumbing pipes then vacuum and spray Kleen Green or Cedarcide liberally to all cracks, crevices and corners. You can also use Kleen Green and Cedarcide as a pesticide & chemical free fumigation option when using a fogging machine. Applying and fumigating with Kleen Green or Cedarcide as a safe, natural product, depending on the severity of the bedbug invasion allows an alternative option to harsh chemicals.

Which products should I use to rid my home of fleas and on my dog/cat?

You can see your Vet who will use a pesticide on the dog/cat to stop the adult fleas. Kleen Green Concentrate and Cedarcide Original can both be used in a fogging machine as you will need to reach every crack and area of your home. You can also use Borax in your washing machine to kill the eggs in clothing. Just mix 1 cup of Borax with hot water in a jug and add to rinse compartment.

Understanding the flea life cycle

Fleas go through three stages before they become adults (egg, larva and pupa). It can take from 30 days to one year to complete this cycle. The immature stages are most commonly found in areas where the host animal rests and visits frequently. Although eggs are laid on the animal, the eggs fall off and land on surfaces like carpets, furniture, pet bedding, etc. Larvae emerge from the eggs and feed on organic debris and adult flea faeces in the carpet or other surfaces. The adult flea is the only stage routinely found on the animal. Adult fleas will live 7-10 days. The average female flea will lay 150 eggs in that time span.

Unlike many other flea species, adult cat fleas remain on their host. After mating and feeding, adult female fleas lay oval, white eggs. These smooth eggs easily fall from the host into cracks, crevices, carpet (the perfect flea environment), bedding or lawn covering. Small, worm-like larvae (1/16 to 3/16 inches long) hatch from the eggs within 48 hours. They are eyeless, legless and sparsely covered with hairs. The larval body is translucent white with a dark-coloured gut that can be seen through their skin. They feed on adult flea faeces, consisting of relatively undigested blood, which dries and falls from the host's fur. They will also eat dandruff, skin flakes, and grain particles.

Larvae develop on the ground in areas protected from rainfall, irrigation and sunlight, where the relative humidity is at least 70% and the temperature is 70 to 90 F. This stage lasts eight to 24 days, depending on the temperature and humidity. These immature fleas will eventually spin silken cocoons in which they will develop (pupate) into adult fleas. Cocoons are sticky, attracting dirt and debris which will easily camouflage them. Under optimal conditions, new adults are ready to emerge from their cocoons within two weeks. They can, however, remain in their cocoons up to 12 months in the absence of a host or in unfavourable climatic conditions. Vibrations and/or elevated temperature stimulate adults to emerge. This ability of flea pupae to wait until a host arrives can result in a sudden increase of adult fleas when they emerge simultaneously from many accumulated flea pupae.

Fleas are excellent jumpers, leaping vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches (an equivalent hop for a human would be 250 feet vertically and 450 feet horizontally).

Here are a couple of testimonials:


5 out of 5 stars - astonished!
9 January 2016

Verified Purchase
The reviews were a bit divided on this product but decided to give it a try. My dog had just one patch on his back albeit quite a large patch which was quite red and losing hair. I could see it was driving him mad itching. I can honestly say I was astonished at how quickly this spray seemed to alleviate the itching and allowed him some peace. I have carried on using it twice a day it is no longer red and does not appear to be itching anywhere near how it was. I will carry on using it for a few more days and just hope that his hair/fur is growing back by then. Will definitely be buying this product again.

5 out of 5 stars - Must have for dogs with allergies!!!
17 July 2015
Verified Purchase
LOVE it!! My Border Collie has had skin problems almost since we got him :( have been to the vets and had blood tests, skin scrapes and have put him on every type of meal plan we could - with little result. We now have a trifecta of items we use this - for immediate relief of itching (WORKS BRILLIANTLY) as well as Royal Canin hypoallergenic food, and Yumega Plus. He clearly has allergies, and that obviously won't stop. But at least these 3 items make him comfortable (and after almost 1 month his fur is beginning to grow back!!