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Natures Plant Defender - Organic Insect Control For Indoor & Outdoor Plants

£ 6.95 each -

  • Natures Defender Plant Spray is an alternative to synthetic chemical sprays. Our cedar oil formulation for plants promotes carbon content in soil.

  • 3% Cedar Oil, 97% Ethyl Lactate

  • How to Use:

    This formula is a ready-to-use spray.

    Direct spray toward the upper and lower leaf surfaces and stems where pests appear. Spray only until surface is wet!

    When to Apply: Apply to indoor and outdoor plants as soon as insect problems are noticed.

    How often to apply: Days to wait to re-apply: Flowers and Ornamentals, As often as needed

    Max applications per season: Flowers and Ornamentals As often as needed

    Where to Use: On rose bushes, tomato plants, peppers, marijuana, flowers, shrubs, and houseplants. What it Controls: Insects: Spider Mites, Aphids, White-flies, Thrips, Scale, and other nuisance insects. Also controls powdery mildew along with other fungi.