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Yard Guard Spray To Rid Your Garden Of Unwanted Insects

£ 7.50 each -


  • Natural Lawn & Garden insect control spray. Works on all non-beneficial insects. The best non chemical yard insect control product on the market. No measuring or mixing with this easy to use "chemical free" spray.

    Ideal for use on your patio, lawn, shrubbery, flower and vegetable gardens. Can be used as an animal spray and in sheds and stables. Repels & kills grubs, fleas, ticks, army worms, mole crickets, mosquitoes and numerous insects including the eggs and larvae.

    Treatment will create a barrier of insect re-entry and break the egg layer cycle resulting in zero grubs and other subterranean arthropods using our 100% natural cedar oil solution.

    100% all Natural Out-Door Insect Control Treatment (ready to use) is a 100% Bio-Based insect neutralizer with natural Bacteria, mildew and fungus fighting properties. It poses no harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, water ways, soil, farms, crops, expecting mothers and their unborn child or infants and children.

    The chemical free solution will not stain.

    The Cedar Aroma creates a "Barrier of Entry" making treated areas off limits to non-beneficial insects in your lawns and home. The bio solvent influenced cedar oil will dissolve insect egg and larvae by eroding the exoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid dehydration. Egg-layer cycles are further interrupted by pheromone interference with the insect’s octopamine neuro receptors, and the next generation of arthropod is thereby eliminated. The formulation will not separate.

    Yard Guard can be used effectively to control insects such as Ants, Mosquito's, Flies, Moths, Grubs, Army Worms, Mole Crickets, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Grasshoppers, White Fly & Mites.

  • 8% Cedar Oil, 92% Ethyl Lactate

  • Apply every 20 days apart for the most effective insect control.