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Lice Buster Heroes Conditioner

£ 11.95 each -


    Lice Buster Conditioner is great to use after Lice Buster shampoo, you can be one step ahead o f the lice and stop more nits being laid, and still be friendly with those people you get close to in your school, work or family members.

    Its easy with Lice Buster daily conditioner to remove the lice and eggs, apply a small amount of Lice Buster Daily Hair Conditioner onto the hands and massage into your hair leave for few minutes and either rinse or comb with a nit comb to remove lice and nits easily from the hair.

    Used daily will Prevent, Protect & Eliminate Head Lice and nits from your hair.

    Quick, easy and safe to do. So gentle for everyone,safe for mothers to be, children and the elderly.

    With a blend of natural enzymes in a mild conditioner, to leave your scalp & hair soft, clean and hydrated, free from lice and nits.