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Kleen Green Pre-Mixed - Insect Control For Home & Body

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  • Ready to use, Kleen Green™ spray is a unique organic blend of enzymes specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, germs, bacteria, odors and pests including bed bugs, lice, scabies, crabs, fleas, mites and more.

    What is Kleen Green™?

    Kleen Green™ is an enzyme cleaner. It digests grease and other organic matter. Cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, chrome and other surfaces not harmed by water. It can be used with pressurized, mechanical and manual systems or in conjunction with hand sprayers, mops or cloth. *Water temperatures below 18 C will prolong the time required for optimal cleaning. The ideal temperature for use is 36 C.

    A No-Residue Formula
    Effective against fungi, mold, mildew and insects
    Non-Flammable - contains no combustible materials
    Hypoallergenic - contains no known allergen to irritate the skin or respiratory system, will not impair vision or cause rashes
    Rinseable - washes off completely in water, does not leave streaks or bead stains. Once rinsed, the product leaves a non-magnetic, non-static finish inhibiting accumulation of dust or grime.

  • Kleen Green™ is a non-bacterial, extremely concentrated, readily biodegradable product deriving its efficacy through three primary sources:

    A readily biodegradable blend of select surfactants chosen for their emulsification attributes and relatively low order of aquatic toxicity.
    A concentrated, supplemented, mineral and nutrient-rich extract derived from a carefully controlled fermentation.
    The incorporation of a broad-spectrum enzyme package from a proprietary fermentation of innocuous yeast strains.

    Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA .Grade A food ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

  • Kleen Green is naturally safe for all, from babies to the elderly and mothers-to-be who may prefer NOT to use chemicals during pregnancy or when dealing with the Scabies mites, and body lice.

    Kleen Green natural enzymes

    Kleen Green is a natural product derived from fruit enzymes. It causes the insect to moult its skin sooner than it should so it will then die.

    Use 1 part Kleen Green Concentrated to 7 parts water (either warm or cool from the tap) with, for example, an egg cup or similar measure for dilution.

    The 1 to 7 dilution will cause the insect to moult and die. It can be used as a weaker solution but it may take longer to see results.

    Relax and enjoy a bath for 30 minutes or more.

    Using the SB Lice Mite Body Wash or Sulphur Soap for body cleansing, cover the whole of your hair and body within the bath water. Be sure to reach every area of skin and hair at the same time.

    Run a very warm bath up to hip height and add 100ml to 200ml using Kleen Green Concentrate (depending on body size).

    Kleen Green will do it all, removing dirt, grease and dead skin with any pest, lice, or mite that may be on the outer surface of the skin.

    Also, an optional choice is to add 30 drops of Tea tree oil and 30mls of Castor Oil to the Kleen Green bath. It is helpful to oil the skin (and repeat) with a personal choice of moisturizer twice to three times daily.

    After bathing, take a look around the sides of the bath for any dead insect you may have had on your skin.

    The Castor Oil - (or any oil) holds them to the side of the bath so check before cleaning the bath for any signs of infestation.

    For best results, allow the body to dry naturally or, lightly towel dab the skin to dry.

    Note: Enzymes will carry on working for some time and can still be used, perhaps for washing the car, floors, walls, or even in the garden to remove insects from plants or trees. So before you pull that bath plug, consider, is there anywhere you could use the enzymes water to benefit you around your home or garden.

    What not to use with Kleen Green natural enzymes

    Never use Kleen Green with vinegar, salt or other as this will neutralise the effect of the enzymes.

    Natural oils and soaps are fine to use, as are make-ups and moisturizers.

    Guide to daily uses:

    With a cotton pad soaked in diluted Kleen Green for nappy rash, athletes foot, face cleanser, to remove Demodex mites from the face. Used twice-daily for best results.

    Kleen Green spray rubbed into areas using a soaked cotton pad to remove a mite deep within the skin.


    Spray, massage, then rub in round circles on the skin area with the cotton pad or your fingertips until you see the black mite (or coloured fibres in the case of Morgellons) come to the surface.

    Always double-check areas as they can become re-infected.

    The whole body area of skin will need to be cleansed of the imbedded mite or fibre's with this method.

    Also, Kleen Green enzymes can be used on the new arrival of an unknown insect, now being spoken of in the UK by many who suffer it. This insect is now called the 'Noseem's', causing many people who speak of a fast moving insect, as a type of super headlice/fly with a mite (a stage of worm) covering all the scalp and body at the same time. It hides in the ears, nose and private areas.

    Kleen Green is safe to use as often as is needed, either spraying or bathing daily.

    Use Kleen Green as a treatment to protect, prevent and neutralize pests in a daily routine of cleansing each day.

    The SB Lice & Mite Body Wash used in the daily shower also gives added protection and cleansing with very good results if, used consistently over time.

    We cannot guarantee you will rid yourself of any pest without your own organised and diligent cleansing routine with consistent day-to-day effort.

    This product is not an overnight cure or miracle solution to the world's pests and insects that are prolific and will multiply in the surroundings of people daily.

    The product will help daily towards the total removal of insects if used routinely as a home and body cleanser. This can be achieved in 3 weeks with some insects or, 3 years in some deep skin infested situations. Slow but sure is what Kleen Green offers (if used daily).

    Tips with add-on solutions

    For skin mites - spray your hands with Kleen Green Spray and look for black specks to appear. Keep washing and spraying hands as often as is possible throughout the day.

    Tip: Add Kleen Concentrate to liquid soap, 30ml to 250ml bottle.

    Good for all the family to keep protected at all times around the home.

    Kleen Green foot bath 100ml to 1000ml of water - soak feet and re-use the solution many times over, as the enzymes will not stop working. Check your ankles for insects and use wet-wipe or cotton pad soaked in Kleen Green spray solution to wipe the ankle and feet throughout the day.

    Most insects and parasites attack the feet, hands, or scalp first.

    Salt Baths: (A guide only of measurement)

    Borax x 200ml, Epsom salt 200ml with 100ml Bicarb to hot water. Soak in bath as long as you can manage.

    More or less salts can be used and added to offer a choice for every skin type.

    Also, salt foot baths will help too. Use as often as required daily.

    Re-use the foot salt water to save on waste daily.

    Also, use as salt body rinse in the shower. Add to a jug mixed with salts and pour over the hair and body while rubbing over the skin.

    Use Borax in the wash load to kill insects. Add 4oz to a family wash load

    Essential oils: Clove Oil for example, added to Caster Oil and used at night over the areas of the skin, especially the feet and legs.

    Choose oils to suit the skin type, or insect type.

    Be responsible at all times and use common sense in the use of oils. Always mix with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Castor Oil. Set out a routine and be organised - family members won't be able to understand the situation if you don't have a protocol to follow.

    Kleen Green diluted spray, rubbed into areas using a soaked cotton pad to remove the mites deep in the skin. Massage or rub in circles until you see the black mite or coloured fibres (in the case of Morgellons) appear out of the skin. This may feel like grit, sand, fibre or a 1/4 inch straight cut hair or worm.

    The whole body area of the skin will need to be cleansed by yourself of the imbedded mite (such as with scabies or a Noseeme's biting insect).

    Product Claims: Natural enzymes cannot diagnose an insect or any skin disease.

    This website offers information only as a guidance for self-help and treatment. Please seek expert advice on any insect type.

    Every person's situation and lifestyle is different.

    With the daily use of Kleen Green being part of a personal protocol treatment that is a natural, it is a safe alternative to pesticides or toxic chemicals.

    It is noted that chemicals and pesticides do not always give a full removal of insects.

    The Kleen Green product types are provided for prevention with insect control of the home and, cleansing of clothes, bedding and furniture, along with the living environment.

    It also offers cleansing of the hair and body safely, with natural products.

    No timescale can be given for the removal of an insect type due to each set of circumstances. How a product is used will vary from person to person and family lifestyle.

    More information of methods of use of Kleen Green are in the leaflet that will be sent with the product.

  • Why should you use enzymes instead of chemicals?

    Enzymes can be used to replace harsh conditions and harsh chemicals, thus saving energy and preventing pollution. They are also highly specific, which means fewer unwanted side-effects and by-products in the production process. Enzymes themselves are biodegradable, so they are readily absorbed back into nature. Go to What are Enzymes to read more.

    Multi-purpose Cleaning

    This all-organic biodegradable cleaner penetrates and emulsifies all types of organic matter on all surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals and is highly effective for cleaning all surfaces including tile, walls, floors, carpets, rugs and upholstery. This unique and highly effective product is specifically designed to clean and biodegrade organic stains such as blood, vomit, urine, waste, food and other such difficult stains.

    Kleen Green™ attacks stains at first application then continues working to safely biodegrade the residual traces of these organic stains. Especially effective on hard-to-clean surfaces such as tile grouting, corners, cracks and crevices where germs colonize, plus carpets and furniture where removal of organic stains is difficult.


    The unique odor control action includes the absorption of odor molecules on contact, and replacement of offensive odors with a pleasant, refreshing fragrance. Use diluted as a spray air freshener, or cleaning solution. Effective on smoke, cooking, waste and other undesirable odors.

    Insects and Other Pests

    Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green™ is introduced to an insect, the enzymes act and cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely. These enzymes are becoming widely accepted in the pest removal industry, because they leave no toxic residues and the effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe.

    Poison pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not always effective. University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison-based products!

    See our Common Pests pagesto find out more information about how to use Kleen Green™ to remove bugs and pests.

    Great for Commercial Cleaning Including:

    Industrial settings

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