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KG Pet Ear & Face Oil is specially formulated to stop the sensation of crawling mites

£ 9.95 each -

  • KG EARS & FACE OILKG Ears & Face Oil is specially formulated to ease the sensation of crawling mites on the face, ears, paws and claws to stop unnecessary damage to skin and fur from continuous scratching.

    KG Ear and face oil is a gentle but effective mixture of a 100 % Natural hand-pressed Anti-Microbial organic argan oil safe for animals which are blended with a natural blend of plant enzymes. It is easy to wipe onto the face and around the nose areas and also around the eyes and ears safely. Very effective on the paws and claws. It will ease the sensation of the crawling of mites on the face and ears to stop itching and damaging the skin or coat and stop any loss of fur while decreasing mange mite's, bird mites and harvest mite's that like to live in these areas. Also very effective against skin fungus and ear fungus along with dry skin problems when used daily. We advise that continual use will achieve the best results with natural products over 6 weeks to allow for the hatching and of the life cycle of mites.

    Remember: There’s no substitute for a professional veterinarian if only to rule out other possible health conditions, and to verify that you are in fact dealing with an ear infection. NOTE - This Product is not for cats.

  • Argania Spanoa, Plant extracted Blended Enzymes.

  • 1) Use daily one drop in each ear morning and evening for 7 days or when you see your dog scratching the ears. Also for fungus, infections or because of debris removal. 2) Wipe around the face and nose daily and around the back of the ears and also under the chin area as mites like to roam in these places. 3) To protect the paws and claws, a little oil on a cotton pad wiped over before bedtime will give comfort and stop the mites being transferred back to the ears while scratching at night.